Watch This Huge Silky Oak Tree Removal in Paddington

by | Jan, 2024

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Gazing upon a Silky Oak, you’re immediately struck by its grandeur. These natives, with their leaves dancing in the sunlight, are a staple in our Aussie landscapes in Brisbane. But when they start to pose a risk, it’s time for them to go. Sam, a well-known arborist in Brisbane, says, “Mate, it’s all about keeping the community safe. Sometimes, that means it’s time for a precision silky oak tree removal, no matter how splendid it is.”

The Imposing Nature of Silky Oaks

“Silky Oaks are real beauts, but underneath, their roots can be a bit of a headache,” Sam chuckles. In an urban setting, those roots can turn from an underground marvel to a menace, threatening pavements and pipes alike.



Sam’s Approach to Silky Oak Removal in Paddington

Sam takes a sip of his tea before diving into the details. “First up, you’ve got to know what you’re dealing with. This Paddington giant was a tricky customer – tall, wide, and smack bang in the middle of everything.” His initial walkabout gave him a clear picture of the task ahead.


Pre-Removal: Silky Oak Tree Removal Preparations

Preparation is the key, according to Sam. “We set up our gear, checked it twice, and only then did we get cracking.” He stresses that no branch gets chopped without triple-checking the safety gear. “It’s not just about being safe; it’s about feeling safe, too.”


The Silky Oak Tree Removal Process

“Tackling a biggun like this starts from the top. Take it bit by bit, and before you know it, you’re on the last branch,” Sam explains, illustrating the process with his hands. His crew’s expertise with ropes and pulleys made it look easy, even though it was anything but. Time is also of the essence for most customers because they want the job done in 1 day. As we watched Sam and Linden work on the silky oak tree removal, his right hand man Shonny was already working in assessing and calculating the next tree lopping in Paddington which was in the side yard and with very limited space.


Overcoming the Challenges of a Silky Oak Tree Removal

Confronting a Silky Oak’s roots requires more than muscle. “You’ve got to outthink it. We map out the roots like we’re treasure hunters. It’s a real art,” Sam says with a grin. His strategic approach meant no surprises when they started digging.



The Importance of an Arborist’s Expertise

“Doing it yourself or hiring an unlicenced and uninsured tree lopper in paddington might save a few bucks, but it’s a false economy,” Sam states. “You wouldn’t fly a plane without a pilot’s license, right? Best leave tree removal to us pros.”


Cost Considerations

When it comes to cost for a silky oak tree removal, Sam is upfront. “It’s not just about the height or the girth. It’s where it is, what’s around it, and what it might fall on. We’re talking serious dos and don’ts here.” He makes it clear that you’re not just paying for a service, but for peace of mind. Sam also tells us a few stories how they were called in to cleanup seriously failed DIY or unlicensed silky oak tree removal projects where the tree had fallen on the owners house and caused massive damage.


Environmental and Legal Considerations

“Each tree we take down, we do it with a bit of sorrow. They’re part of the mob here, after all,” Sam reflects with respect. He’s big on doing things by the book, making sure all the T’s are crossed when it comes to local wildlife and council regulations.


Customer Testimonials

Feedback from this specific customer was a source of pride for Sam. The home owner John said “This bloke didn’t just chop down a tree; he took care of our whole yard,” one. It’s clear Sam’s not just in the tree business; he’s in the people business, too.


Post-Removal Care and Landscape Management

After the dust settles from this huge silky oak tree removal, Sam’s got tips galore for keeping your yard looking top-notch. “Think about what’s best for your space. Maybe go for something smaller next time, eh?”



Our Final Say

This Silky Oak tree removal saga in Paddington is more than a tale of tree removal. It’s about community, care, and making the right call. Sam’s work is a reminder of why, when it comes to trees, it’s best to trust the experts.



FAQs – anwsered by Sam

Why can’t I have a crack at removing a big tree myself?

“Look, I get it – we Aussies love a DIY challenge. But this is one area where you’ve got to play it safe. The risks are just too high,” says Sam.


How do you make sure everything’s safe when you’re removing a tree?

“We’re all about the prep. It’s about knowing what can go wrong and being two steps ahead,” Sam shares.


What do you do with all the leftovers after the silky oak tree removal?

“We recycle what we can – mulch for gardens, wood for projects. We try to keep it all in the cycle,” Sam says proudly.


How do I pick a reliable arborist in Paddington to do the job?

“Look for a local paddington arborist with experience, level 3 or higher qualifications and good reviews, and straight-up answers. No dodgy business,” advises Sam.


Do I need permission to get rid of a tree?

“Yeah, most times. Brisbane Councils have rules, and for good reason. We can, if you want, sort all that out for you, no worries,” Sam confirms.

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