Tree Removal Close to House: An Essential Guide

by | Mar, 2024

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Have you ever asked yourself “should i remove a tree close to house?”

Well, if you’re reading this, chances are you’re faced with tree removal close to house or a structure. I’m Sam Hensen, the founder and lead level 3 arborist at Tree Care Specialists Brisbane, I have dedicated my career to understanding the delicate balance between urban living and nature’s grandeur. “In my years of experience, I’ve learned that every tree has its story, and our mission is to honor that story while ensuring the safety and beauty of your home,” is a principle I live by. This comprehensive guide reflects our journey and dedication to safeguarding both your family and our green heritage.



A Personal Journey

In the heart of Brisbane, where nature meets nurture, I’ve encountered countless situations where trees, in their majestic beauty, posed risks to the homes they once protected. “Removing a tree is never just a task; it’s a significant decision that affects our clients’ lives and the environment,” is something I often say. It’s about making informed choices with respect, knowledge, and the right dose of humility towards nature.



The Inherent Risks: A Closer Look Through Our Eyes

When a tree’s roots or overhanding branches threaten the very foundation of your home, or its branches cast shadows of doubt rather than shade, it’s time for action. “I’ve seen firsthand the damage a storm can bring when trees are too close to a house. It’s our job to prevent such dangers while preserving the natural beauty of your property,” is a reflection of our commitment to your safety and the environment’s health. We saw this recently with a dead tree removal in seven hills. The home owner was so lucky this dead tree had not already collpased and caused serious damage. As I always like to say: “better a tree removal than an emergency tree removal on your roof”.



How To: Tree Removal CLose to House: Our Thorough Approach

Before any decisions are made, a detailed assessment is crucial. “Each tree’s condition and its impact on the surrounding area offer unique challenges and solutions. It’s about listening to what the tree and the land have to say,” is how I describe our initial consultations. This step is about understanding, not just looking, and it’s where our expertise and experience shine brightest. Why? Sometimes, if the risk is too high for any number of reasons, tree removal simply might not be an option. We may then opt for trimming the high risk branches.  We recently had to perform some very large and dangerous tree branch trimming at an Aspley property.


Tailored Removal Strategies: Our Expertise in Action

Choosing the right method for tree removal is an art and science. “Whether it’s carefully dismantling a giant threatening a home or safely felling a tree in an open area, each situation demands precision, skill, and respect for the property and tree alike, reflects our approach to every project. It’s about finding the balance between necessity and preservation.


Safety Above All: A Core Principle

For us, safety is the foundation of everything we do. “Securing the area, protecting our team and clients, and ensuring a safe environment is our top priority. It’s a commitment we never compromise on,” highlights the importance of safety in our operations. This principle guides every step of our tree removal process, from planning to execution. From careful planning, perfect harnessing, as you’ll see in the image below from todays ironbark gum tree removal, to pin point branch drops; it’s all done with safety as a priority.

tree removal close to house


Legal Considerations: Navigating the Process Together

Understanding and adhering to local regulations is a responsibility we take seriously. “It’s not just about removing a tree; it’s about respecting the laws and guidelines that protect our community and environment,” I often remind our team. This respect for the legal process ensures that our actions are not only effective but also responsible.


Why Choose Professional Arborists: Our Value Proposition

Opting for professional arborist services like ours goes beyond just removing a tree. “We bring expertise, experience, and a commitment to excellence that ensures the safety of your property and the health of your landscape,” is how I describe the value we add. It’s about peace of mind, knowing that you’ve entrusted your home and trees to capable hands.


Aftercare: Our Commitment to Full Service

The removal of a tree marks the beginning of a new chapter for your landscape. “Our job isn’t finished with the tree’s removal. We ensure a thorough cleanup and offer guidance on replanting, helping nature find its way back,” represents our holistic approach to tree care. It’s about leaving a positive mark on the land and in our clients’ hearts.

FAQs for cutting down a tree close to house

Through the years, I’ve fielded countless questions from concerned homeowners, and here are a few common ones, along with my thoughts:

  • How do you decide if a tree needs to be removed?

    • “It’s a decision that comes from a place of understanding and respect for both the property and the tree. It involves assessing risks, potential damage, and exploring all possible alternatives,”
  • Can I plant a new tree after removal?

    • “Absolutely, and I encourage it. Planting a new tree is a beautiful way to continue the legacy of your landscape. We’re here to help you choose the right species and location,”

To wrap up this guide on tree removal close to house, I hope to have shared not just our knowledge and expertise, but also the heart and soul that Tree Care Specialists Brisbane puts into every task. “Our relationship with trees is a reflection of our respect for nature and our dedication to the communities we serve. It’s a privilege to care for your trees and ensure the safety and beauty of your home,” is a sentiment that encapsulates our mission and vision.

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