Watch our Tree Lopping Clayfield in action

by | Mar, 2023

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Watch our Tree Lopping Clayfield in action

Old Mango Tree Lopping in Clayfield Brisbane

Our team of arborists recently removed an old overgrown mango tree from a property in Clayfield, Bisbane. We captured the entire process in a beautiful timelapse for you to enjoy and learn a few things about mango trees in general and why they are so hard to remove (especially by yourself).

If you have a mango tree on your property in Clayfield, it’s important to take good care of it. One essential aspect of that care is pruning or lopping the tree. Mango tree lopping is a specialised service that involves removing excess or dead branches (sometimes removing the entire tree like we did here) from the tree to promote healthy growth and prevent damage to your property. Lets explore everything you need to know about professional mango tree lopping in Clayfield.


Old Overgrown Mango Tree Removed


Wood recycled into mulch and smoking wood


Stump Removed


Site Cleaned Up


Happy Customer

What is Mango Tree Lopping?

Mango tree lopping is the process of removing excess or dead branches from a mango tree, or sometimes removing the entire tree. This service is important for maintaining the health and beauty of your tree as well as the overall health of your land and property and preventing damage to your property. Professional arborists use specialised equipment and techniques to ensure that the tree is pruned safely and effectively.



Why is Mango Tree Lopping Important?

Well, there’s a few good reasons. Firstly, it promotes healthy growth by removing excess branches that may be competing for resources. Second, it can prevent damage to your property by removing branches (or entire trees) that are too close to buildings or power lines. Finally, pruning your mango tree can improve its appearance and increase its fruit production.



When Should You Lop Your Mango Tree?

The best time to lop your mango tree is during the colder months when the tree is dormant. However, if your tree is showing signs of disease or damage, it may be necessary to prune it at other times of the year. A professional licenced arborist can assess the health of your tree and recommend the best time for pruning.



Who Should Lop Your Mango Tree?

It’s important to hire a professional licenced arborist to prune or remove your mango tree. Mango trees are delicate and require specialised care to ensure that they remain healthy and productive. A professional arborist will have the necessary equipment and expertise to prune your tree safely and effectively.



What Should You Look for in a Professional Mango Tree Lopper?

When choosing a professional mango tree lopper, it’s important to look for someone who is experienced and qualified. Look for a company that has a good reputation in the community and that uses the latest equipment and techniques. You should also look for a tree lopper who is fully insured and licensed.



How Much Does Mango Tree Lopping Cost?

The cost of mango tree lopping can vary depending on a number of factors, including the size of the tree and the extent of the pruning that needs to be done. Simply get a free quote for your tree removal anywhere in brisbane.



What Are the Risks of Mango Tree Lopping?

While mango tree lopping is generally safe when done by a professional, there are some risks involved. Falling branches and other hazards can pose a danger to both the arborist and anyone else nearby. It’s important to hire an insured licensed arborist that takes safety seriously and uses appropriate safety equipment.



How Can You Find a Professional Mango Tree Lopper in Clayfield?

To find a professional mango tree lopper in Clayfield, you can start by asking for recommendations from friends, family, or neighbors. You can also get a free quote from our friendly team of professional tree care specialists.

Did You Know?

Some Fun Facts About Mango Tree Removal

Mango Tree Root System

Mango trees are typically removed using bulldozers or heavy equipment because they have a large root system that extends deep into the ground.

Mango Tree Life Span

Mango trees can grow to be over 100 feet tall and have a lifespan of up to 300 years, but they become less productive as they age.

Why Remove Old Mango Trees?

Old mango trees are more susceptible to disease and pests, which can spread to younger trees and cause significant damage.

Removing old mango trees allows for new, more productive trees to be planted in their place, which can help to maintain or increase overall crop yields.

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